Rental Cabins


Is it tempting to be able to wake up in the mountains, wrapped up in a warm duvet in a log cabin? Perhaps with birds singing outside, fishing nets waiting to be collected and a brillant sun just peeking out from behind the clouds?  Or perhaps there are skis waiting to be used for yet another mountain trip – over open fields and icecovered lakes?

Whether it is summer or winter makes no difference. Steinkjer kommune Forest depapartment –Ogndalsbruket KF has 3 cabins available to rent year-round. Each cabin is fully equipped and includes boat and fishing nets for your use.

More information.

Cabins can be booked at, at the Service Desk at Steinkjer Cityhall (tel.:74169000), or by booking though the  Innherred Turist Office
+47 74 40 17 16 or e-mail:  . Keys can be collected either at the cityhall or the turist office.

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